APPA is a day program that is targeted to adults with autism who are not able to perform the tasks required in adult life without additional prompting and support. They believe adults with a disability require life-long learning.

Their aim is to promote and develop a program of meaningful activities and interaction, with the aim of allowing them to build their foundations for a good quality of life in spite of their disability. They are open from 08:00 to 15:00 daily, Monday to Friday, with an annual holiday break in December.

Quality of life for a person with a disability being defined as:

  • being safe
  • being comfortable (warm); preparing and eating good food that one likes and is healthy
  • having some choice and autonomy over one’s day
  • being mentally stimulated, with the expectation to grow and develop
  • having a day filled with variety, which has a defined structure to it
  • performing activities that are rewarding and that are linked to individual strengths and weaknesses
  • feeling useful, with a sense of purpose and achievement
  • being treated as the individuals that they are.
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