Kadimah occupational center is based in Norwood Johannesburg. It has more than 100 beneficiaries
with various limitations. They do contract work like packing, counting, labelling and assembling
items. In addition, Kadimah manufactures other products like flyswatters, candles and beanies in
order to become more self-sustaining. Vinent Gwebu makes candles at Kadimah, he has been there
for 7 years. He was lucky enough to get sponsored and completed the New York marathon in 2004
through the Achilles programme and recently an entrepreneurial learnership through ORT.
Sipho is 29 years old, despite his short stature he has a sunny disposition and recently proposed to
his girlfriend. He dreams of living independently and starting a family of his own. He works mainly
with the flyswatters at Kadimah, he earns only R500 a month.

If you’d like to help Sipho further, please consider donating using the link below

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