Naomi as a social worker in Protected Employment was affiliated with the Nokuthula Protected workshop. The School caters for Learners with special educational needs who have Severe Intellectual Disabilities.

The school is a non-profit organization which caters for learners with Severe Intellectual and Physical disabilities. The language of learning and teaching at our school is English, as well, as various African Languages and the school offers alternative methods of communication for Learners who are non verbal.

Nokuthula Centre was established in 1984, by doctors and nurses of Alexandra Clinic, parents and members of the community who saw a need for a Centre for children with Severe Intellectual Disabilities. The children were identified when they came for physiotherapy, medical attention and stimulation at Alexandra clinic.

There were no centres’ for children with disabilities. The school was forced by circumstances to move to Marlboro where it was housed in a warehouse. Recently the Department of Education funded a beautiful school and the workshop and school were no longer on the same property.

Nokhutula workshop was renamed the Connie Mngomezulu Training Workshop, named after founder, they have had many challenges even just registering.

 “From 18 they are sent into the protected employment workshop. This workshop needs a lot of attention and is unsafe for some of thee beneficiaries. In addition they are paying R250 a month to come to work, as there is little to no income from contracts. CONECKT brought employment opportunities to this workshop as well as an end of the year function that included a present, a magician, Nando’s and ice-cream.


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