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FTC – FAQ’s2020-06-08T23:31:02+02:00

Flatten THAT Curve – FAQ’s

Is this only about weight loss?2020-06-08T23:26:47+02:00

It’s about being healthy, boosting your immune system, feeling good and reaching your goal. It can be fitting into those trousers, it can be as simple as eating more vegetables, drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day or doing 10 000 steps, your goal, your choice.

Is this only for adults?2020-06-08T23:28:36+02:00

This challenge is for any person of any age who is deemed healthy enough to be on the challenge. Please consult your health care professional before embarking on this if you are unsure. Please read the indemnity and Terms and conditions.

Is there an end date?2020-06-08T23:28:31+02:00

You decide on your end date, be it 3 months or 10 weeks!

Is there other support available to reach my goal?2020-06-08T23:28:23+02:00

Yes, there will be links/offers sent to you to assist you with your exercise and eating plans

Can someone pledge any amount of money at any time?2020-06-08T23:19:18+02:00


What if my charity does not feature on the list?2020-06-08T23:18:39+02:00

Any organization can sign up as a recipient of this challenge, contact them and guide them to registering with CONECKT on our website or FB page  http://coneckt.org/flatten-that-curve/, its free and takes 5 minutes.

Can I change my goal?2020-06-08T23:17:49+02:00

Functionality coming soon

How do I start?2020-06-08T23:27:23+02:00
  1. Register as a participant please go to http://coneckt.org/flatten-that-curve/ and chat to our bot
  2. Let your family and friends know that you are embarking on the #flattenthecurve challenge. Ask if they would be willing to support you and your cause- each supporter who pledges will be informed and be expected to pay only once you have reached your weekly goal. You will be able to send a message (link) directly to them when you have registered.
  3. You should get a call/ whatsapp or FB message from a representative of your chosen charity, they will be sending you motivational messages along the way, if you do not hear from your chosen charity within 3-5 days after registration, please email naomi@coneckt.org
  4. If you have any pre-existing conditions or feel unsure about your health please consult a medical professional before embarking on this challenge
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