Flatten THAT Curve – Steps to follow

Step 1. Make sure you have registered using the FB bot or with the bot on our website


Step 2: Put the following on your platforms

Please support (your charity name here) through the Flatten that Curve challenge:

Put your own logo in the empty space provided

Participate and get healthy in support of  (your charity name here)

Step 3: Make sure the representative (or volunteer) has some motivational messages ready for participants as they join the challenge

The more you support them, the more likely they are to reach their goal and ultimately fundraise for you.

Step 4: Wait for the people to choose your cause, you will be alerted when this happens with contact details of the participants

Step 5: Continue to give feedback to the participants on a whatsapp group/ FB messenger about how their efforts are changing lives

“Thank you @Susan, this week because of your efforts 5 families were able to eat for the next month!”

Examples that you are welcome to use:

Google motivational quotes (images) and send any of those to your participants…

Other ideas include using beneficiaries in your photos, they can be holding up signs as in the example below saying


(same concept done with FNB, it was called #Fitfin)

Please see attached videos on the email: these videos were sent to past participants, this is an example of the type of videos you can send to the people losing weight/getting fit for your charity. You are welcome to contact CONECKT at any time if you are unsure or need any assistance.

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