While perusing Facebook for opportunities Naomi came across actuary Nadia de Lange’s Facebook page Jozi Together. Nadia is an expat living in Switzerland and Naomi offered to help in any way possible.

This started anther conecktion with other people interested in assisting during the Coronavirus crisis. The aim was to simulate the Cape Town CAN  initiative in Gauteng. Naomi called Jarred Rousseau from Cape Town Together to find out the best practice for launching such a project.

The result was a new group called The Do-ers, a partnership between all the high-profile people and organisations Naomi had coneckted with since the launch of C.O.N.E.C.K.T. We then met with the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation who were looking to the same thing. The C.O.N.E.C.K.T magic happened and we are now launching Gauteng Together.

Following the President’s April 9th announcement extending the COVID-19 lock down to the end of April, with its obvious impact on our economy, there’s a growing concern that millions of South Africans could starve. It has prompted organisations across the country to mobilise to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Today marks the launch of Gauteng Together initiative which brings together The Angel Network, The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, and a number of other seasoned NOPs and members of the public to combat hunger across Johannesburg. The project replicates the already successful Cape Town initiative, with some added Gauteng flair.

The goal of Gauteng Together is to mobilise Community Action Networks (CANs) across Gauteng to assist those in need during this difficult time. Each CAN will be organised at neighbourhood level and joined to the Gauteng Together network. Suburbs will be paired with informal settlements and townships to connect needs and capacity across the city.

The organisation’s short term goals are to alleviate hunger and meet people’s most basic needs during lockdown, and in the weeks and months to come. But long term, the aim is to build sustainable partnerships across the province.

To make this initiative work, they need all neighbourhoods to get involved and set up their own Community Action Network (CAN), each of which will have a dedicated Whatsapp channel of communication, and an administrator to oversee and coordinate the process. Gauteng Together will provide detailed guidelines for how to set up a CAN, and will always be available to assist, collaborate, brainstorm, and share knowledge.

If you are in Gauteng, and you would like to help, you can do so by:

  1. Volunteering to administrator a Community Action Network (CAN) in your area which involves taking responsibility for your neighbourhood and its efforts to help, and working alongside the informal settlements paired with your neighbourhood.
  2. Signing up to be part of a Community Action Network (CAN), assisting your neighbourhood administrator to meet the needs in your neighbourhood, and the informal settlement paired with your neighbourhood

People can also sign up for assistance by contacting their neighbourhood’s CAN team.

While we may be apart, we can be a part, together.

For more information visit the Gauteng Together facebook page.

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