COVID-19 has affected us all and has resulted in many vulnerable people being isolated in order to protect them. This has impacted their mental wellbeing and in turn decreases their quality of our life and even influences life expectancy. No-one has been affected more by the effects of COVID than those who are living in homes for the aged or differently abled as they are still on a level five hard lockdown with no one being able to leave and no visitors allowed.

Cue C.O.N.E.C.K.T to save the day!

C.O.N.E.C.K.T.  partnering with the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation went to Kungwini in Pretoria East on Friday the 28th of May to entertain the differently abled residents and at least for one day give some respite from the day-to-day boredom of being under level lockdown five for over a year.

‘Intertainment’- as we like to call it is Inclusive Entertainment. People who are differently abled are often unable to afford or participate at functions as they are often inappropriate or pitched at the wrong level. The C.O.N.E.C.K.T youth in training and our very own Chief Impact Officer provided entertainment in the form of a party where a game known as Pick a Box was played.  Many of the prizes were made by charities and the less fortunate and everyone who participated got a gift. Fun was had by all, through music and dancing and general social interactions and many new friendships and connections were created.

By providing such entertainment the following was achieved:

  • C.O.N.E.C.K.T’s youth gained insight into differently abled people and are more sensitized to their needs and circumstances which makes them better human beings.
  • The residents of Kungwini were entertained royally.
  • The staff of Kungwini were given some rest.
  • The charities and other marginalized communities which provided the prizes earned income.

Kungwini is a home currently looking after one hundred physically and mentally differently abled people ranging from children all the way to the elderly. They also run an early childhood development center for the surrounding area as well as a fully functional primary health care facility, which the community has access to and can benefit from.

CONECKT is a for-social impact company sharing their resources and skills.  They collaborate with their clients, from the less fortunate communities, to bring about change in how they operate and to become more sustainable.

If you would like to find out more or would like C.O.N.E.C.K.T. to provide entertainment for your next function, then give us a call.

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