Those of us who have had ‘real’ mothers in our lives are truly fortunate and it is sad that we only celebrate our mother’s one day of the year. We know that any healthy woman of age bearing age can biologically be a mother, it takes a special kind of a lady to be that special someone in a person’s life that gives loves unconditionally and genuinely gives their all to ensure the welfare of her own family and that of the community.

This article is for the real mothers of Ennerdale.

This predominantly Coloured township is situated miles away from anywhere in the far South of Johannesburg. The area is gang infested, suffers from a 95% unemployment rate and battles with drug and alcohol addiction. The affects of this leaves a large majority of women and young moms unable to look after their children. It is in this community that real mothers are few and far between with children being largely left to their own devices or being looked after by grandmothers.

On the 8th of May, Hope for the Hopeless an NGO looking after the Ennerdale community’s kids invited C.O.N.E.C.K.T to participate in a fun filled festive Mother’s Day celebration. No kids allowed this time, for the ladies to just take a break from life’s stressors and to just be the incredible, beautiful woman that they are.

Margo the MC for the day and Director of Hope for the Hopeless kicked off the event with the stern warning that no mother will be allowed to lift a finger to help. A dancing competition was then held followed by more tea and cake and soon afterwards an egg and spoon race was held.

All the winners won prizes and the competition was fierce. Later a hearty lunch was served, followed by more dancing and then tea with more cake was served before everyone went home. Inn addition they did not leave empty handed- everyone received a goodies bag consisting of edibles ,toys for the kids, a mother’s day card, earbuds and body cream.

Fun was had by all and the real mothers of Ennerdale were made to feel that much more appreciated.

CONECKT is a for-social impact company that collaborates with our clients and the less fortunate to shift how they operate and become more sustainable.

If you would like to find out more or would like C.O.N.E.C.K.T. to be a part of making your next function that much more special, then give us a call.


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