The term “conscious market” pops up every now again – typically around the braai, when well-oiled
care bears have finally exhausted the topics of: climate change, Donald Trump and the ethical
question of whether to vaccinate or not. Or we see the term being bantered around dusty corners of
the internet but what does it truly mean?

After conducting a quick 10-minute search on the internet – No decisive answer was found, however
CONECKT has been implementing a “conscious market” since its inception in 2019 through its
business with kindness mantra.

Whilst we could write an entire article on what we believe the term conscious market means, we
thought we would demonstrate it by letting you know what we have been up to this last month.
We received a purchase order from the Gauteng Department of Social Development to train 228
Home Based Care givers that are working at various residential homes looking after the differently
abled all over Gauteng.

The 228 Home Based Care givers were broken up into 9 groups, with each group receiving two 3
hour sessions. The training consisted of: conflict management, effective communication with
patients/patients family and colleagues, the dangers of burnout, different types of disabilities,
wound care, how to lift patients correctly, nutrition and hygiene. Those that could attended the
virtual training, the rest of the sessions were done face to face in Springs as well as at Department of
social Development in the Johannesburg CBD.

Of course, we could have developed the training material ourselves, conducted the training by
ourselves, provided the catering ourselves and gone to a large multinational printing company to
have the manuals printed. However, that’s not our style. So, we in-listed our dots/members to
participate in the process thus sharing the wealth so that the NGO’s can earn money too. This is to
provide them with opportunities to becoming more sustainable to continue the incredible work that
they are doing.

The dots that we used were:
 Family Worship Church, Hopsice, skills development centre in Hursthill provided the catering
 Bernice Michalec, social worker from Connection Counselling developed part of the manual
and facilitated training
 Ute Hartmen, trained nurse developed part of the training manual and facilitated training.
 Tshepang Ramoji conducted the project administration.
 Cadland, local SA shop printed the training material.
 The L Ron Hubbard Museum hosted 3 virtual training sessions

Overall, the training was a huge success, and everyone involved including most importantly the
delegates had fun and learned a lot. A big shout out goes to the Gauteng Department of Social
Development for affording C.O.N.E.C.K.T. and our dots this amazing opportunity to conduct the
Home-Based Care giver training 2021.

If you too would like to join in C.O.N.E.C.K.T.’s conscious market movement or would like to get
directly involved in any of dots’ projects directly then please give us a shout.

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