Whilst C.O.N.E.C.K.T. certainly didn’t invent the bartering informal trading system – We have undeniably perfected it.

A complete and utter procurement nightmare occurred a couple of weeks ago when C.O.N.E.C.K.T. ended up purchasing 260 reusable sanitary pads and then the client cancelled the order. The CONECKT network kicked into overdrive to save the day. These re-usable sanitary pads are proudly South African and manufactured by less fortunate seamstresses at the Craft Academy.

Priscilla from Sudden Light who is doing amazing work with schools, communities and young ladies put out an amber alert requesting sanitary pads on the CONECKT member group but had no way to pay for them. Within hours two incredible members, Evelyn Levy from Red Bagels Trust and a good Samaritan Judy Moritz stepped in and offered to pay towards the pads in order for Priscilla to receive them.

On arrival, we even made an exchange, she gave us food to share for some free training/awareness talks rendered by C.O.N.E.C.K.T

By facilitating business transactions in a “Business with Kindness” way, keeping an open mind and tapping into and leveraging the powerful C.O.N.E.C.K.T.  network the following was achieved:

  • Period Poverty was reduced by 261 because the pads last for 5 years and are completely washable and reusable enabling less fortunate ladies to continue their schooling and work during that “time of the month”
  • The Red Bagles Trust and will improve their sustainability and help even more less fortunate people due to the soft skills training that they will receive.
  • CONECKT earned money to continue helping charities and the less fortunate.
  • Local jobs were created in manufacturing the sanitary pads and those less fortunate seamstresses can continue supporting their families.
  • Craft Academy earned money to continue the incredible work that they are doing in upskilling and creating employment opportunities for the less fortunate.


The only question left is – are you ready to be a member of CONECKT?!

Let us know about some of the amazing projects you’re involved and or contact us should you be interested in knowing more about reducing period poverty in your community.

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