Evelyn Levy CONECKT-ed with Naomi in the early days when she was working at Selwyn Segal as the Day Programs Manager. Evelyn had a son with a disabilty, who stayed at the centre until he passed away. Evelyn and the trust assist Selwyn Segal and The Chevrah Kadisha on many levels and this is how a great working relationship was formed. Evelyn was supportive of the CONECKT idea from the very beginning. CONECKT came in to do a pick a box event for Selwyn Segal in December in honor of her late son, Brian Levy’s birthday. Evelyn then requested that CONECKT be a part of training and developing materials to be used by a school in the Kruger Park for children with disabilities. Patricia from the Ciniselani centre, spent a day and a half with CONECKT learning about facilitation for people with disabilities and receiving appropriate educational material. Evelyn has since been a proud supporter of CONECKT and we look forward to many other collaborations with her and the RED BAGELS TRUST.






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